The site recreation is officially underway! 

Work should be completed by early April. 

In the meantime, thank you to those who have joined the DaveTabs Patreon to support!

Please note that DaveTabs will not be "paywalled" or cost anything to access once it's back up. DaveTabs has always been and will continue to be a public resource for truly accurate and updated DMB tabs.


DaveTabs' Patreon is a way for those who have particularly enjoyed or benefited from using the site (and who are so willing) to support the dedication of time and costs needed for the recreation and for it to stay active. Your support is appreciated!

*Timing Update 3/20*: It wouldn't be a website build out without some delays, but the work is well underway and should be completed by early April!


This recreation from the ground up should allow the site to stay active and functional well into the future. As every page needs to be rebuilt (over 500 pages), this will take some time to get it live so stay tuned for further updates.

Thank you to those who have joined and be sure to check out the additional updates and details that are being provided directly on Patreon (including some temporary tab access)!