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Easier Songs

These "easier" songs are suggested for the beginner on guitar.  Many of these songs are simple chord combinations that even a beginner can learn quickly. You may be surprised to actually find some of your favorite songs included in this list!

A Whiter Shade of Pale         All Along the Watchtower
American Baby     
American Baby Intro        Anyone Seen the Bridge    
Blue Water                    
Cortez the Killer
Crazy-Easy                          Deed is Done

Digging a Ditch                            
Dive In
Don't Drink the Water            
Down by the River                     
Dream I Killed God                  
Eh Hee                                   
For the Beauty of Wynona          
Funny How Time Slips Away   

Funny the Way It Is                                    

Just learning to play the guitar? This should be a useful resource to help you get started playing! 

More experienced? Challenge yourself to see if you can master all the tougher DMB songs listed here! 

Note that song "difficulty" can very much be a matter of personal guitar skills and ability and vary greatly player to player. You may find a song in the difficult category that's actually easier for you to play than a song in the easier category (and vice versa), but this should be helpful (and fun) to reference overall!

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