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Snow Outside


​You are like a secret garden
as I shuffle through this broken town
think of you and you are all around me
like the sky when the sun's going down
I want to tell the whole wide world
and see how love can light your soul
but you are like my secret garden
and I want to be with you alone

Oh, Hold tight
cuz the road can be a crazy ride
And I know we're going to be alright
Cuz you are here with me
Oh, woman is so right
And even if the oceans divide us
I will be here right by your side
For the rest of our days
Here for the rest of our days

If you are tired I'll bear your burden
If you are dreaming I will not disturb you
Whatever your heart desires love love
I'll clear the way for you
Come winter I will build you a fire
From the bones of who I used to be
Before you came and washed the weary away
Before you came here for me
So right every day and every night
By the fire with the snow outside
And the two of us
Oh child hold tight
If it gets to be a crazy ride
I'll be here right by your side
For the rest of our days
Oh, for the rest of our days

So right
Holding on to this crazy ride
Hold on we'll be alright
Me and you and you and me
Here you come you bring me real love
From the ground beneath to the stars above
I was growing down now I'm growing up
With you in my blood
Yeah this is real love
Shining down like the stars above
Arms out and I am growing up 
With you in my blood
Oh you know that its alright
Feels bigger than the whole world wide
You know come the morning light
Oh I know that I am yours
That I am yours
That I am yours

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