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Album: Crash


Lie In Our Graves - Tim's Parts

Tuning: Standard


Difficulty: Tim n/a

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> Dave and Tim '14

Verse Fills:

--2-----------------(rest of dave's verse)
Just put HEAVY vibrato and emphasis and that B note (2 on the A string).  Timmy does that often.

                                   ^  ^
For reference, those two chords line up with the 4  2 in dave's partt...right after the D chord. play with that, you'll hear it in most all timmy recordings.

To play around, try:




"Splish Splash, me and you taking a bath"

Timmy slides up and mutes the high e string at the same time, so you get this click sound, but the pitch still gets higher.  you end in the middle of the sound whole to get a pretty cool sound.  he does something to that efffect pretty much everytime that line comes up.

"I'm blown away..."

-2-------------------2---------------------repeat as needed

Then you just do dave's slide thing and queue timmy solo.  its mainly one note at a time.  up high on the High e string.  play around with 15, 12, 10, and whatever sounds good to you.

End Jam:

timmy does chords and octaves of daves chords.  for example, the first D chord, he may play with the full bar chorde, or a single note way up high (a high octave) or another note in some scale that sounds good.  he fools around a lot in this jam.  but for an idea, mess around with these types of chords.

---7---6---4---5-5-7---or-for the other chords...------9---4--2--4-4---5-

then play with single notes a lot.  there ya go.