Deed is Done                              

Digging a Ditch                            

Dive In


Don't Drink the Water                  

Down by the River                      

Dream I Killed God                      

Eh Hee                                        


For the Beauty of Wynona          
Funny How Time Slips Away       

Funny the Way It Is                     

Gas Into Fire                               

Good Good Time                    

Easy songs are songs that are perfect for the beginner on guitar. All of these songs are * (one star) Beginner or easier ** (two star) Intermediate songs. If you are learning to play your first chords, this section will help you easily find the Dave songs that should be your first to try. Many of these songs are simple chord combinations that even a beginner can learn quickly. You may be surprised to actually find some of your favorite songs included in this list!



A Dream So Real                   

A Whiter Shade of Pale          

All Along the Watchtower       

American Baby       

American Baby Intro          
An' Another Thing    

Angel From Montgomery      

Anyone Seen the Bridge      


Blue Water                      

Burning Down the House  

Butterfly                         Cortez the Killer         

For those who are just learning to play the guitar, this should be a useful tool to get you started. For those who have already been playing for years, challenge yourself to see if you can master the tougher Dave songs on guitar. Others may just be curious to see which DMB songs are the easiest and the hardest to play. 

Song difficulty is generally a matter of personal skills and ability. In compiling these difficulty categories, the opinions of many guitarists have been taken into account. These are generally agreed upon categories but wont be the same for everybody. You may find a song in a more difficult category that's actually easier for you to play than a song in an easier category and vice versa. 

All songs on this site will have one, two, three or four stars to indicate the level of difficulty as noted below:

*       Beginner
**      Intermediate
***     Advanced
****     Pro


Level of Song Difficulty

One Sweet World                 
Rapunzel                               Raven                                    Recently                                Rhyme & Reason                  Rooftop                                 Satellite         

Hard songs are songs that are considered to be more difficult by Dave Matthews guitar standards. All of these songs are **** (four star) Pro or tougher *** (three star) Advanced songs. Difficult Dave songs typically involve tough stretches and riffs. Some may think of difficult songs on the guitar to involve shredding, etc. but Dave is essentially a rhythm player. Out of all the songs on this site, these are the songs that are going to require the most advanced skills. Can you master them all? 

Snow Outside                   
So Much To Say                 
Some Devil                        
The Best of What's Around        
The Stone                         
Tripping Billies                   
Up and Away                    
What Would You Say

Crash Into Me 
Cry Freedom                          Dreams of Our Fathers            Drunken Soldier                      Fool To Think                          Jimi Thing