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- About DaveTabs - 

As a die-hard Dave Matthews Band fan, I was inspired to learn how to play the guitar and "play like Dave". Fortunately, resources to learn how to play DMB songs were available on the internet. The DMB community always figured out how to play DMB songs and there were some great sites that made the tabs easy to find. However, many of these sites were not maintained and became out-of-date. So, I decided to build a site that would be updated, user-friendly, and teach anyone who wanted to play DMB songs on the guitar. This site is for those who want to learn how to play the guitar, play DMB songs, or "play like Dave".

Importantly, I want to credit and thank J Kanter of DMBtabs and the rest of the DMBtabs crew. They were the first to make an accurate and organized site to learn DMB tabs. I appreciate the tremendous amount of time that it takes to create a guitar tablature site and can not thank them enough. Over the years, when updates stopped coming to DMBtabs, some fans took it amongst themselves to make accurate tabs and post them on various sites online. However, these tabs were scattered all over the internet. The goal of DaveTabs is to have all DMB tabs on one organized and maintained site so that anyone can easily find any DMB song and learn how to play it on the guitar. Thanks to all who have contributed tabs on this site or other sites.  A special thanks to ‘younevrknow41’ who is responsible for many of the Big Whiskey tabs on DaveTabs.


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